The lake at Wildwood


trail to the lake



The lake at Wildwood is about 12 acres in size. It is spring fed and so remains quite cool till mid summer and is quite clear. There are no weeds but there is no sandy shoreline with it being rather mucky when disturbed. We built a deck on the lake shore and a rustic dock.

We have walked to the lake many times and find that the trip is about ten minutes getting there and ten minutes returning. The walk is mostly a long downhill stretch going to the lake and of course uphill returning. But slow down and add another ten minutes. It’s a nice walk through natural wilderness and very secluded.

Joan and I walk to the lake several times a week. The temperature is somewhat cooler and there’s usually a breeze. Often we pack a lunch, sometime a couple of cold beers. Herself always makes a few dozen casts before declaring “The fish aren’t biting today”.  She caught a fine Bass one time. We catch and release.

There are two resident Beavers,  Loons, ducks and what not. If visitors prefer a sandy, wading beach there is a fine stretch of public shoreline two minutes away on Denbigh Lake.

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